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We Remember the April 26, 1991 Tornadoes in OK and KS

Oologah tornado damage 1991

Tornado damage from Oolagah, OK tornado 4.26.91

On this day in 1991 my husband, Russell Hulstine, was at the Copan Handi Mart that night…he ran inside to warn a woman working there that the tornado was almost there…then he headed to Oolagah, OK…

Andover, KS tornado damage 4.26.91

Andover, KS tornado damage 4.26.91


His cousins who lived in a mobile home in Andover, KS got out in time, thank the Lord, before a tornado leveled the mobile home Park of 300. Scary day. Thankful Russell wasn’t killed  in Copan as the tornado hit the Copan Hand Mart while he was still in the parking lot!!!


Oklahoma weather, Kansas weather and severe weather in all areas of tornado valley. Sad memories. Especially as we are now in the Spring Tornado Season! ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

We Will Never Forget 4.27.11!

pizap.com14617058272421 4.27.11

Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors and the families of those who lost loved ones in Alabama and also caused destruction and deaths in Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, and Georgia devastated by the 4.27.11 tornadoes. You are in our hearts and prayers. For any who may not know about this horrific event you can click on this link http://www.wbir.com/web/wbir/weather/a-look-back-deadly-tornado-outbreak-on-april-27-2011/154392139 ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Some schools are closing today in Central OK Due to Severe Weather Threat!

Estimations of the severe weather's impact tonight

Estimations last night of tonight’s severe weather’s impact

Thankful that some schools in Central OK are canceling classes today due to the tornado threat in today’s Severe Weather, putting the children first after lives were lost in schools in Moore in May of 2013.  They remember the destruction and loss of life in two schools at that time and want their students to be safe. Alabama protected their children as well beginning before they experienced the devastating 4.27.11 tornadoes as well. For more information on the OK schools closing click on the link below (info on the OK schools gathered from news9.com) For more details on this story please click on this link http://www.news9.com/story/31811834/mid-del-schools-cancels-classes-due-to-risk-of-severe-weather~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Central OK Severe Weather Threat Now High!

Storm zone tues pm new

As I continue to follow the forecast for tomorrow’s Severe Weather event and how far ahead it has been talked about, it reminds me of a similar forecast in May 2013. Do you remember all the tornadoes in Central OK on May 19th and then the EF5 on May 20th in Moore in 2013?

I am asking that you all go to the Lord and ask for His protection on OK especially Central OK as it is now in the High Threat Level, as is one Southern Kansas County. Ask Him to protect the children especially. For more details on the forecast, please click on the newson6.com link below. Hanging tight here in Northeastern OK and praying for protection especially for the children. http://www.newson6.com/story/31811897/severe-weather-likely-across-oklahoma-on-tuesday ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team


tornado 3.30.16

Northeastern Oklahoma Tornado 3.30.16. (Picture credit to Jacob Dickey/LSM)

Tornadoes struck three Oklahoma towns last night–Owasso, Claremore & Tulsa where 7 were injured–one critically. At this point we do not know if our help will be needed, but we are ready and willing if we are asked. Please join us in keeping those affected in your prayers.
Click on the link for more information http://www.newson6.com/…/authorities-people-injured-as-torn…

~Mikaela Hulstine & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team



Tornado touched down in Minco, OK in Grady County. (pic credited to Oklahoma's Own  newson6

Tornado touched down in Minco, OK in Grady County. (pic credited to Oklahoma’s Own

Severe weather began in Oklahoma yesterday. Tornadoes and flooding. This pic was taken of a tornado that touched down in Minco,OK in Grady County yesterday and it was not the only one. For more on this story go here: http://www.newson6.com/story/29142851/multiple-tornadoes-touch-down-in-oklahomaFlooding  In addition to the tornadoes, flooding rains are in the forecast through the Memorial Day weekend for areas of the state. We may be called upon again to help.  How is the weather where you  are? Staying in out of the rain. ~Head Banana

Toys, Clothes & Stuff for the Broken Arrow, OK Kiddos

Toys for BA kids

Yay we still had some toys!

This morning at about 11 am the big box of clothes, toys, diapers, wipes and coloring/activity books for the Broken Arrow, OK children who were referred to us for help was picked up in Tulsa. They lost everything in last last Saturday night (5.16.15)! My favorite volunteer–my husband, Russell, took them to work and they were picked up there.

Clothes for BA kids

We had enough clothes for each child and the other items mentioned above! Without the help of God, our clothing manufacturing partner–Garan, Inc and you our donors we could not have done this. Incredibly this is the very first time we had clothes in the correct sizes for all the children referred to us! Plus we had diapers, wipes and coloring/activity books! Yay! They are still in need of a few things if you would like to donate please go to our secure PayPal link http://www.heart4childrenministries.org/?page_id=87 and put Broken Arrow in the memo. Thanks. ~Mikaela

Memories of the destruction and heartbreak of tornadoes

What happened last night in TX brings back memories of other tornadoes, all but two of which I’ve seen the damage up close in person.. Destruction of property. Injuries. Loss of Life. I pray that I NEVER get used to it nor fail to drop to my knees and plead for God’s help for those who lives would never be the same. Copan. Tuscaloosa. Hackleburg. Joplin. Chickasha. Piedmont. Woodward. On and on the list could go and seeing it in person…wow…Jesus even now I pray that You will send Your ministering angels to those in TX who need You most. For those who have been through tornadoes and memories are all too fresh in their mind–especially the children–I pray for Your comfort and peace. Thank You. In Your Mighty name and for Your glory amen. Hugs to those that are struggling when you are reminded of what you experienced. ~Love from Mikaela


The terrible events of last week touching so many will be in our hearts and minds for a long time. Tornadoes. Bombings.  Fire and explosion. Quite a lot to take in. As of now the only needs that have been shared with us is for a family in the small town of Chattanooga, Oklahoma, a town near Lawton, OK where a tornado touched down.  Chattanooga is in southwest OK almost to the TX border.



We are always happy to be able to help with toys, clothes and SHOES!!!!shoes, as long as we have the right size and age appropriate toys.  However, we are lacking still in supplies for infants (see below).

If you would like to help there are several ways that you can do so.

girls clothes Donate right here on our website on a secure sight that goes through Pay Pal. Mail a check to our home office: Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc. 387 S. Fenway Pl., Bartlesville, OK 74006. Or for those of you who live close to any of our 3 locations (Bartlesville, OK, Chickasha, OK or Northport, AL) participate in our Coins For Kids event by taking your extra change to any of our offices.  Here is the link to that event on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/634638553216204/ As always thanks for your support! Cool Mikaela


Diapers & wipes,  formula, shampoo, bath bath, powder and  lotion.





Will You Experience A Tornado Where You Live This Week?



Today is April 14th. April is the worst month for tornadoes in Alabama. Soon it will be May–May is the worst month for tornadoes in Oklahoma. However, tornadoes can come any time to any state so we all need to be PREPARED AND WEATHER READY! Most importantly we need to teach our children what to do in the event of a TORNADO WARNING. It’s amazing to me that we think to teach them to “stop, drop and roll” for a fire but don’t  always tell them what to do for a tornado.

The best time to teach your children (grandchildren, nieces, nephews or any other children living with you), of course, is before a tornado watch is issued. Make sure you have on hand the supplies you will need to take into your “safe room” in the event of a tornado warning. A side note but something very important: DO NOT WAIT FOR THE TORNADO SIRENS NOR DEPEND ON THEM TO LET YOU KNOW THAT A TORNADO IS IMMINENT! Sadly a family died in Woodward, OK last year because they did not hear the sirens (the electricity had been knocked out earlier that evening by another tornado so the sirens didn’t sound). We want you and the children to be safe if a tornado were to touch down in  your area.

How do you get your weather information? TV? Radio? Weather radio? If the electricity goes off do you have a battery operated radio that will keep you informed on approaching storms? Please check now to make sure you have plenty of batteries for your portable radio, portable TV and weather radios in the event you would need them.

We hope and pray that a tornado will not touch down where you live this week, but if one did would you be ready? Would you know what to do? If you are not sure, be sure to check our post  March 3-9 2013 is National Severe Storm Preparedness WeekHere is the link:http://www.heart4childrenministries.org/?p=2056 

We hope you have a wonderful tornado-free week! ~Mikaela