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Some schools are closing today in Central OK Due to Severe Weather Threat!

Estimations of the severe weather's impact tonight

Estimations last night of tonight’s severe weather’s impact

Thankful that some schools in Central OK are canceling classes today due to the tornado threat in today’s Severe Weather, putting the children first after lives were lost in schools in Moore in May of 2013. ¬†They remember the destruction and loss of life in two schools at that time and want their students to be safe. Alabama protected their children as well beginning before they experienced the devastating 4.27.11 tornadoes as well. For more information on the OK schools closing click on the link below (info on the OK schools gathered from news9.com) For more details on this story please click on this link http://www.news9.com/story/31811834/mid-del-schools-cancels-classes-due-to-risk-of-severe-weather~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team