We spoke to the Emergency Management Director in Roane County, WV today and now have a contact person for the Red Cross in Roane and the surrounding counties. We are hoping to hear back from theRed Cross representative in the Oklahoma counties of Gavin  and Commanche  any day now. Hopefully soon we will know how many children need our help.  If you would like to help please go to this safe link Donate, you can give via Pay Pal or mail a check to our office.  As always we  appreciate any gifts that you would like to give for the children. ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

We contacted WV: No news yet on how many kids need our help!


We made contact with Emergency Management in WV as well as Red Cross today. However, since they are still out in the field it is still too early for them to have information for us on how many children need our help. We are closer, though, to getting that information from our Red Cross contact here in Oklahoma. It is likely that we will need to ship the toys, clothes and shoes, though, instead of delivering them in person as Mikaela prefers to do. If you would like to contribute to help us with shipping costs please click on our linkhttp://www.heart4childrenministries.org/?page_id=87 You can pay by check or on our secure PayPal link. As always we appreciate your help. ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Multiple Counties in West Virginia Hit Hard By June 26th Flooding!


We have now spoken at length with an Emergency Management Director in West Virginia and learned that there are four counties that were hit harder than Roane: Kanawha, Green Briar, Nicholas and Clay. We will be contacting the Emergency Management Directors in these counties to see how we can help.

In addition, we hope to soon learn how many children we can help in the Oklahoma counties that were hit hard last month as well. We spoke again to our contact today and hope to know the answer–at least for Oklahoma needs–in the next few days.

Thinking we may know now why we received so many boxes between May 9th and July 2nd from our partner, Garan, Inc and the generous donation we received that we will use to purchase toys!  God always knows ahead of time what we will need and was making sure it was sent! We will let you know what we find out after we contact the emergency management in the four hardest hit counties.

As always when a natural disaster happens–especially of this magnitude–we appreciate any and all donations as they will help us with shipping costs. Here is the link if you’d like to help. Donate ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Getting Excited: Soon we’ll know where kids need our help!

banana bunch

You know when your Head Banana gets excited as she starts dancin’ around, right?! Well, guess who’s dancin?! Yup cuz I’m excited as we’re getting closer to learning what needs kids have in the Oklahoma Counties that were hit hard by the floods last month. We may even know by this afternoon. Also hoping to hear more about the needs in Roan County, West Virginia as well! ~Mikaela aka Head Banana & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Heartbreaking Flooding and Loss of life in West Virginia!

West Virginia Flooding

While we are waiting to hear back on what if any help we can provide for children whose homes have flooded in Oklahoma, another state may now need our help.

If you have been watching the news the last few days, you have seen the heartbreaking pictures coming out of West Virginia like this one. We will be checking with  the Roane County Office of Emergency Services Director, the hardest hit area there, to offer our assistance for children whose homes have been flooded. Please keep these families in your prayers!  For more details please click on the link below.~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

What Happening With Heart 4 Children Ministries!


We spoke with the Red Cross representative in Commanche County, OK and are now waiting for a possible list of all the children that “suffered great loss” from the flooding on June 12, 2016 as well as a call back from Emergency Management in Garvin County, OK for the flooding there.

Meanwhile, God is preparing us for helping more kids as in addition to the 13 boxes we received from our partner in May with clothes, sandals and toys, we received one box Wednesday, one Thursday and one yesterday. We are so thankful for our partnership with Garan, Inc they are such a blessing! #feelingrateful ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team


Pic credit to newson6.com

Pic credit to newson6.com

We are checking with the Emergency Management Directors of two counties in OK where flooding took place on Sunday, and evacuations and water rescues took place, to see if our help is needed for kids. We will keep you posted so stay tuned. ~Mikaela Hulstine & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

FORECAST: Severe Weather Nearly Every Day This Week!


Sure hope and pray that everyone in the plains has their “Hidey Hole” cleaned out and their severe weather plan in place this week!

Pic credit to news9.com

Here is Oklahoma’s “tornado zone” for Monday–tonight. Pic credit to news9.com

Monday weather

Pic credit to weather.com

April and May 2016 have proven that folks in the plains and elsewhere need to be prepared for not only tornadoes but straight winds, hails and floods! This week looks to be shaping up to be another week where we may have to deal with  any or all of the elements of severe weather: hail, high winds, flooding and yes the dreaded “T” word–possible tornadoes!


Tuesday weather

Pic credit to weather.com

Thursday weather

Pic credit to weather.com

Our concern is especially for the kids as they depend on their parents and caretakers to keep them safe! This week there are chances for severe weather almost every day and not just in OK!  One of my favorite colors is red, but not when it’s on a severe weather map!! We have already begun praying! ‪#‎Mayweather‬ ‪#‎okwx‬ #severeweather ~Mikaela and the Heart 4 Children Ministries Team