Why we are called Bananas

Tonight we were asked by one of our newer Bananas, ” I’m so confused….what are these bananas?” So, we thought it time we again tell the story of where the Bananas and hence the Banana Bunch came from…

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away . ..

…oops that’s another story and probably has nothing to do with bananas. When we first put up a page for Heart 4 Children Ministries we did not have many followers or fans as they are commonly called. But we soon learned that the fans that we did have were not just ordinary followers but ours were extraordinary…so we wanted to come up with an affectionate name for you all. We consider that all of you our family so we wanted to find a name that reflected that. Also we felt that you must find us apPEALing when our fan base kept growing. So we decided to call our fans Bananas as they are so apPEALing to us.

After while we added bunch and began calling our fans the Banana Bunch and looked for other ways that you (and us as together we all make up the Banana Bunch) were like bananas….bright and cheerful, sweet, apPEALing well that’s a given. When you open up to us–like peeling back the peel of a banana–we are excited to see what’s inside. Then today my favorite…one way you are like but not like a banana…bananas are a popular fruit but their peels are thrown away as they are not useful for anything other than holding the banana. But you all are beautiful inside and out and every part of you is precious.

So that is why we chose the theme song from the Care Bears (changed the Care Bear Family to the Banana Bunch Family) for us Bananas…however the Heart 4 Children Ministries theme song will continue to be “Follow You” (by Leeland).

And there you have it…why we are the Banana Bunch 🙂 ~Mikaela

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