Alabama Book Drive

Van full of books to deliver!

RESTOCKING CHILDREN’S BOOKS FOR BAMA LIBRARIES!┬áMany of you remember growing up and enjoying going to the library to pick out a book (or books) to read. I especially do and my Mom teased me that my address should be “the library” as I spent so much time there! I was truly a “book worm” and loved to get lost in books. But the children of Alabama aren’t able to do what we did as so many libraries in their state were demolished by the tornadoes of April 27, 2011. I taught all 3 of my children the love of reading and libraries. Where else can you can a bestseller just out, read it and then go back to get the next one? Libraries have saved me a LOT of money over the years as instead of purchasing books, I checked them out from the library.

Won’t you help us help the children of Alabama get to experience the joy of reading at NO cost to them? To be able to get books they need for school and research? Many of you love to read, imagine if the library in your town got hit by a tornado and all the books were destroyed! This is what happened in many Alabama communities on April 27, 2011.

The books that we are able to purchase with the gifts you donate either on our DISASTER RELIEF page or on paypal will help give back to children. You can specify what type of book you want your gift to be for: toddler books, early reading, youth, fiction, non-fiction. Then when we get to Alabama, we will take that money and go to the store–Barnes & Noble and other stores that sell books and purchase books for you. We will take pics of the books so that you will see what your gift helped buy! Please help us to again be a blessing to Alabama. Heart 4 Children Ministries is again partnering with 3 Nails Disaster Volunteers to raise money to purchase new books for the Alabama Libraries. Since we are not taking a trailer to this event, all donations will either need to be made on our DISASTER RELIEF page or on where you put in our email address: As always, you can drop cash or check by our office in Bartlesville at 387 S. Fenway Place. Please call first 918-213-0628 as we run errands especially when planning for trips.

We plan to be in Hackleburg, AL (northern Alabama) with 3 Nails from 9-22 through 9-26. We also would appreciate any help towards our travel expenses. AS ALWAYS PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS AS WE ENDEAVOR TO FOLLOW JESUS’ DIRECTION WITH THE MINISTRY!

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