Alabama Trip 2011

Pic of Mikaela & Deborah McDonald at Dejaboos 10.11

This Alabama trip was devoted to our Alabama Book Drive. Mikaela’s flight landed in Birmingham on 10.3.12 and she drove north to Hamilton, AL to stay with a family there. That same evening she went along on a trip to Ardmore, TN to pick up approximately 20 boxes of books that had been donated to North Alabama Disaster Relief Ardmore.

She stayed in Hamilton a few days and then drove south to Tuscaloosa, AL where she stayed in the home of Katrina Brannon–who would become the Central & Southern Alabama Coordinator. Katrina, her daughter Shayde and Mikaela sat on the floor of Katrina’s kitchen sorting the donated books into piles for the schools that they were helping–Alberta Elementary School, University Place Elementary School both in Tuscaloosa and Hackleburg Schools K-12 north of Hamilton in Hackleburg, AL.

Books were donated to many different locations to be picked up by 10.7.11 and delivered to the individual schools on 10.9.12.

First Wesleyan Church in Tuscaloosa was one of the drop off points and they collected many used as well as new books for the schools. Baylee Brown, a senior at the University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa–worked with her sorority to collect books by dropping off bags in neighborhoods and asking them to fill them with books. Then she and her sorority sisters collected them and Mikaela went to to the UA campus to pick them up. Baylee Brown also used some of her own money to go to book sales and purchase age appropriate books. Deborah McDonald donated a box full of books for the schools as well from her store Dejaboos.

The schools were very happy to receive the books. The book drive continues until the libraries are rebuilt. The goal is 50,000 books. Approximately 27 boxes–about 5,000–books were given to Hackleburg as they had the ones donated at NADRA plus the ones collected in Tuscaloosa. Each of the schools received approximately 430 books from the books collected in Tuscaloosa. In addition each of the librarians in the three schools were asked to submit a wish list. Their wish list and $30 Visa gift cards were funded by the sale of our disaster relief t-shirts.

For more pics please go to the media library.

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