Multiple Counties in West Virginia Hit Hard By June 26th Flooding!


We have now spoken at length with an Emergency Management Director in West Virginia and learned that there are four counties that were hit harder than Roane: Kanawha, Green Briar, Nicholas and Clay. We will be contacting the Emergency Management Directors in these counties to see how we can help.

In addition, we hope to soon learn how many children we can help in the Oklahoma counties that were hit hard last month as well. We spoke again to our contact today and hope to know the answer–at least for Oklahoma needs–in the next few days.

Thinking we may know now why we received so many boxes between May 9th and July 2nd from our partner, Garan, Inc and the generous donation we received that we will use to purchase toys!  God always knows ahead of time what we will need and was making sure it was sent! We will let you know what we find out after we contact the emergency management in the four hardest hit counties.

As always when a natural disaster happens–especially of this magnitude–we appreciate any and all donations as they will help us with shipping costs. Here is the link if you’d like to help. Donate ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

About Mikaela

If being goofy yet loving the Lord with your whole heart is you then we'll be great friends! I also like dressing up like a clown, and having fun with kids as after all it fits my personality! I love Jesus and He is my Lord and Savior. I have been happily married to Russell Hulstine since 1977. We have 3 children and 5 GRAND children. I love to read and play with my grandchildren. I was lead to start Heart 4 Children Ministries a 501 (C) (3) and love being able to help children smile again who have been through rough situations like abuse and tornadoes. Many time my husband (and our dog, Coko "The Disaster Relief Dog"), accompany me on Disaster Relief trips especially when they are in Oklahoma.
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