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I have the happy duty to inform you. You may think the previous sentence incomplete, but as a self proclaimed Bond-Servant (Greek Doulos) of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit I exist as slave to His Holy Will. As Crocodile Dundee said 'Me and God? We be Mates'. I am Slave of God who 'lifts my head and seats me as His right hand', I am servant but HE lifts me up and calls me Friend' It is my honor to repay His Loving Kindness with the required sacrifice, my whole being. To give my life in service of His Kingdom. This I do with the meager talents He has given me. Modesty (Ha!), Intelligence, Spiritual sensitivity & understanding and a certain knowledge of IT & the Internet. So. Give me Spiritual Guidance Lord, Inspiration, a sense of Fun, purpose and a very good spellchecker and together we can move mountains! I am Your Servant and Webmaster David
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