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Forecast: Rain, Snow, Hail and Tornadoes all for the same weekend: Only in OK!

Then there’s this all this crazy weather for this weekend–floods, tornadoes, hail and snow all in the forecast for OK!!! Thought tornadoes and hail were not gonna be in the forecast…ONLY IN OKLAHOMA!! Be careful. ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team…/10-inches-of-snow-hail-flooding-rain…

We Remember the April 26, 1991 Tornadoes in OK and KS

Oologah tornado damage 1991

Tornado damage from Oolagah, OK tornado 4.26.91

On this day in 1991 my husband, Russell Hulstine, was at the Copan Handi Mart that night…he ran inside to warn a woman working there that the tornado was almost there…then he headed to Oolagah, OK…

Andover, KS tornado damage 4.26.91

Andover, KS tornado damage 4.26.91


His cousins who lived in a mobile home in Andover, KS got out in time, thank the Lord, before a tornado leveled the mobile home Park of 300. Scary day. Thankful Russell wasn’t killed  in Copan as the tornado hit the Copan Hand Mart while he was still in the parking lot!!!…/article_ef14f1ec-3c8b-51a4-868e…

Oklahoma weather, Kansas weather and severe weather in all areas of tornado valley. Sad memories. Especially as we are now in the Spring Tornado Season! ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Heartbreaking video of Hurricane Matthew Hitting Haiti Today!

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti (pic credit  Mission Direct Haiti)

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti (pic credit Mission Direct Haiti)

Heartbreaking video of Haiti during and after Hurricane Matthew via Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti Tuesday  Remembering the damage of the earthquake there in 2010 before Heart 4 Children Ministries was incorporated and why God wanted sleeping mats made for the children there. We no longer work outside the US, but our prayers go out to them. ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Category 4 Hurricane Matthew Could Become a Category 5 Tonight!

Please join us  in praying for all in the path of Category 4 Hurricane Matthew–Jamaica, Haiti & Cuba! According to John Kassell: “Based on recent recon data, Hurricane Matthew may acquire Category 5 strength with 11pm advisory.”  ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Hurricane Matthew (pic credit John Kassell)

Hurricane Matthew (pic credit John Kassell)




We contacted WV: No news yet on how many kids need our help!


We made contact with Emergency Management in WV as well as Red Cross today. However, since they are still out in the field it is still too early for them to have information for us on how many children need our help. We are closer, though, to getting that information from our Red Cross contact here in Oklahoma. It is likely that we will need to ship the toys, clothes and shoes, though, instead of delivering them in person as Mikaela prefers to do. If you would like to contribute to help us with shipping costs please click on our link You can pay by check or on our secure PayPal link. As always we appreciate your help. ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Heartbreaking Flooding and Loss of life in West Virginia!

West Virginia Flooding

While we are waiting to hear back on what if any help we can provide for children whose homes have flooded in Oklahoma, another state may now need our help.

If you have been watching the news the last few days, you have seen the heartbreaking pictures coming out of West Virginia like this one. We will be checking with  the Roane County Office of Emergency Services Director, the hardest hit area there, to offer our assistance for children whose homes have been flooded. Please keep these families in your prayers!  For more details please click on the link below.~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team…/severe-weather-flooding-west-virginia…


Pic credit to

Pic credit to

We are checking with the Emergency Management Directors of two counties in OK where flooding took place on Sunday, and evacuations and water rescues took place, to see if our help is needed for kids. We will keep you posted so stay tuned. ~Mikaela Hulstine & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

We will be helping OK Kids who survived a tornado!

fill this box

We now have the clothes and shoe sizes for one of the families and, of course, what toys they like –with 3 children–that lost everything in one of the OK tornadoes last week, so we will begin working on a box (or two) for them. We are still working to get information on the other family–5 or 6 children. If you would like to help, you can mail your check to:
Heart 4 Children Ministries
387 S. Fenway Pl.
Bartlesville, OK 74006
Or donate on our secure PayPal link As always we appreciate any and all donations! ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Tornado Season Has Begun in Oklahoma!

At least in Oklahoma we could use a break as it already has begun…On March 30 tornadoes touched down in NE Oklahoma and have been rated EF2. See links below for both a picture of the tornado in Tulsa and nearby NE Oklahoma communities  from a jet as well as a video of the Owasso tornado by  News on 6 helicopter pilot Will Kavanagh. So far we have not received any requests for help, but it is early yet. Woman snaps picture of Tulsa tornado from jet  Video of tornado touching down in Owasso, OK 

Storm damage Tulsa 3.30.16

Damage from EF2 Tornado on 3.30.16 Tulsa, OK (Pic credit to

Please keep these folks in your prayers as they work to put their lives back together. ~Mikaela & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team