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Katrina’s going on another shopping trip as more donations came in for the kids in NY!

Shopping in Joplin Walmart with the 25 children and their families that lost everything in the Joplin tornado (August 2011)

Shopping trips for kids who lost their stuff are fun whether we go with them and their families or just go pick out toys and clothes in the sizes that are needed. Katrina Brannon (H4CM Alabama Central & Western Coordinator) is planning another shopping trip to buy stuff for the kiddos who lost their stuff due to Super Storm/Hurricane Sandy. What will she buy? More toys? That is the first thing that we want to be able to give them. Underwear? Socks? Diapers? Baby food? Formula? Guess we’ll have to wait and see the pics she takes after shopping with her helper–her 10-year-old daughter Shayde. Kids are great helpers picking out things for other kids!  Katrina said that she received 2 checks totaling $125! Wow that is so awesome! Giving a SHOUT OUT to Judith and Amanda thank you for your big  heart for the kids! ~Mikaela



Sharing this from JJ Francais, our Central and Western OK Coordinator:

If you live in the Chickasha area and would like to donate to the victims of Sandy please let me know. Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc is prepping a package to send to an organization out there. Diapers, formula and infant care items are in desperate need. Call me at (405) 474-5505

Pics Of Donations to H4CM’s Tuscaloosa, AL Warehouse For NYC Sandy Survivors!

I am posting pics that Katrina Brannon, our Alabama Central & Western Coordinator took of the donations that she has either picked up or had delivered. The story is hers to tell, but I am sharing the pics (with her permission of course) because I’m so excited for the Kids that will receive them!!!

Babygirl clothes and baby blankets

Baby wipes–lots of packages

Coats, scarves and umbrellas

Bunch of toothbrushes got to keep their teeth healthy

Need a bunch of toothpaste to go with the toothbrushes

In the bags are more coats and blankets