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Heart 4 Children Ministries  JJ Francais (our Director of Fundraising/Central & Western Oklahoma Coordinator) posts about the contest:

“As you may know Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc is hosting a Free Book Fair for children in Grady Co, OK. We need your help. We need your help getting more books. You can donate used books, magazines, records, cds, dvds, vhs tapes, cassette tapes, video games – even old romance books. We will trade them with a national chain for children’s books. To add to the fun we are hosting a contest:


The person who donates the most unique cassette tape will receive a $5.00 gift card to Wal-Mart
Most unique VHS tape $10.00
Most unique book $10.00
Most unique video game $10.00
All award decisions will be made by the Dir. of Fundraising and are final.
If you would like a tax receipt or be entered into the contest please attach your name and phone number to every bag you donate. You can drop off items at the Bookstore at 3rd and Minnesota or call (405) 474-5505 to schedule a pick up. If your business can serve as a drop off location please let us know.”

As always you can donate via our secure link to PayPal for us to purchase books if you do not live near Chickasha, OK yet want to help us add books for the free book fair. Please click on the Donate button on the right side of this post.  Thanks ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries team



Heart 4 Children Ministries First Annual Grady County Free Book Fair

Heart 4 Children Ministries First Annual Grady County Free Book Fair


If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this event, please click on the link below.  On the event page one can sign up to go, donate or  ask questions about the event.

Woo Hoo! Praise God! 10 Totes Donated for Chickasha!! We only need 5 more!!

JJ needs 5 more of these

Just yesterday we posted about the beaucoup of donations that our Chickasha, OK office received and that JJ Francais, our Central & Western OK Coordinator, desperately needed totes for. Today we have this post from JJ:

“We have had a great week at Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc, we have received several donations and today we received 10 totes. Now we are just five totes away from having enough to tote everything and be organized. If you would like to volunteer to sort clothes by gender and size or you can donate towards the 5 please let me know.”

If you live in the Chickasha, OK  area and can help JJ sort and count clothes, please either call him at 405-474-5505 or email him at: If you would like to help him to purchase a tote or give money towards a tote please click on this secure PayPal link:


This pic is of the storage unit for our Chickasha, OK office before the latest donations!

Last Friday–5.3.13–Heart 4 Children Ministries received 1,384 pieces of clothing, our largest single donation in one day from a major retailer. Our Central & Western OK Coordinator, JJ Francais, received a call about the donation Friday afternoon. Then JJ, his wife Robin (our Secretary) and Curtis Awbrey began counting and sorting the donation. The donation was so big it took the three of them 5 hours to count and sort it!

We are so thankful for this donation, but we also received 2 more large donations–on Saturday–245 pieces from various people and 91 pieces from just one person. Wow, so our Chickasha, OK storage unit will not even have walking room once the 1,720 pieces are added (if there is even room for all of them) that JJ received in less than 24 hours! Of course, this does NOT include the 1706 pieces of clothing  and other donations that we received from the Cash Free Mommy Exchange 4.27.13 (we exchanged clothes with 21 families at a rate of  3:2).

The above pic is after the Cash Free Mommy Exchange, but before the donations last Friday and Saturday.  The storage unit (pictured above) has many boxes and trash bags full of donations and is already cramped. Totes are needed to help organize what is already in the unit as well as adding the 3,426 pieces donated in the last week! Our Chickasha office received 3, 426 pieces of clothing in 7 days and that’s why JJ is in desperate need of totes that retail for $6.97 at Wal-Mart.  ~Mikaela




Pic of the home in Anadarko, OK where a family with 5 children lived after it was hit by strong straight line winds Fri 4.26.13

 VIA JJ Francais:  Current needs: Anything for a newborn boy, size 10 women’s jeans/pants/shorts and medium shirts, gift cards to Walmart or other stores would be helpful. We will post more needs soon. If you would like a tax receipt please let us know.

As more needs become known we will share them with you.  If you are shipping clothes or mailing gift cards for this family,please send them to: Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc, PO BOX 1594, Chickasha, OK 73023. Thanks~Mikaela


EDITORS NOTE: We are now calling the clothing exchanges Cash Free Children’s Clothing Swap.



Last year JJ Francais, our Central & Western OK Coordinator was looking for a way that we could increase our clothing inventory. He wanted it to also help families get the sizes that their kids needed without having to spend money. The Mommy Exchange was created. Moms, dads, and grand parents could bring gently used clothing that their children/grandchildren had outgrown then pick through the 3000 + pieces that were at the Mommy Exchange for the right sizes without having to use money to buy them. It was held in Chickasha, OK at the Chickasha Library.

Last Saturday we had our second Mommy Exchange–again at the library in Chickasha, OK and here is what JJ has said about the results:

The Cash-Free Mommy Exchange is over, here are the stats: We had 21 families show up. We handled 4,660 pieces of clothing and added 1,706 pieces of clothing to our inventory. We received other donations including 514 comic books, several cell phones, 6 new totes and some miscellaneous. That is what I call a successful event. Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc has several people to thank, without them the event would not have been a success. Diane ChapmanMonica ParkCurtis AwbreyTravis GardnerShayna Phillips and Robin Francais (she puts up with me and helped with the event.)” The cell phones we recycle for cash for toys! Our thanks to JJ, Robin and all those who helped make this event a success~Mikaela



This time it was not a tornado but straight winds that caused so much damage in Anadarko, OK. Anadarko is over three hours southwest of Bartlesville, OK and approximately twenty minutes west of Chickasha, OK.

From the  ANADARKO, Oklahoma– Strong storms whipped through parts of Oklahoma Friday night. Wind and hail caused extensive damage in part of Anadarko from shattered windows to downed power line to roofs ripped off some of at least one home.

We are working to help the family whose home this is. They have 5 children and did not have insurance. If you can help please copy our donate link below and paste into your browser:  On our PayPal link, please put ANADARKO in the memo. Thanks ~Mikaela

Please share this to help this family who lost everything. We always appreciate your help. ~Mikaela

Helping: From Superstorm Sandy To Future Natural Disasters


Many times at Heart 4 Children Ministries we hear of needs in states that  we do not have an office in and that are far away from us. Can we still help? Absolutely! That is when we hope to be able to partner with another organization that is near one of our offices that will be going to help.

When Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast, especially New York City and New Jersey, we wanted to help. However, we were unable to drive there at that time nor did we have an office near there. Katrina Brannon, our Central & Southern Alabama Coordinator contacted an organization near our office in Northport, AL and got things sent to the children in hard hit Staten Island. She also contacted Lighthouse Mission located in Long Island, NY and was able to work with them by  giving them the Alabama donations given to H4CM for children that lost everything in Sandy. They then helped the needs of the children there who had been in Superstorm Sandy. Our Central & Western OK Coordinator, JJ Francais, sent 600 diapers to Lighthouse Mission for them to give out to babies that were in Sandy.

Whenever there is a natural disaster far away from us, we hope to again partner with an organization who is either on the ground or close to one of our offices that will be going there to help. ~Mikaela

Hey Oklahoma Fans: Semi-Annual Mommy Exchange Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 10-3 at the Chickasha Public Library.

EDITOR’S NOTE–We have changed the name of our children’s clothing exchanges from The Mommy Exchange to: CASHLESS CHILDREN’S CLOTHING SWAP! See our new Facebook page for our October Event. Just click on this link:

The last Cash-Free Mommy Exchange was a success thanks to all you so we have decided to do another one. This time it will be Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 10-3 at the Chickasha Public Library. Any clothes donated before April 1, will be exchanged at a rate of 3:2 after that it will 2:1 (You donate two pieces and you will receive one in exchange.) No limits on hats, outfits or such just make sure the clothes are clean and free of any holes or stains. You can also exchange children’s/teen’s books 2:1, ex-library books are ok as long as they aren’t missing any pages and are good condition. Currently we have around 700 books ranging from the earliest possible ages to young adult.

Rules: This is an indoor event so there will be no rain checks. Please come that day. We expect to have at least 3,500 pieces so there will certainly be a good selection.

What can you exchange besides clothes?
Smart Phones (working = 20, broken = 8)
Large Plastic Totes = 10

Items can be dropped off at the Bookstore on 3rd and Minnesota but please make sure you label your sacks/boxes and include your phone number. To schedule a pick up call (405) 474-5505. We will pick up in the Oklahoma City, Norman, Chickasha area. (JJ)

Projects our Central & Western OK Coordinator Is Working On!!

JJ Francais our Central & Western OK Coordinator

JJ Francais our Central & Western OK Coordinator

JJ Francais (our Central & Western OK Coordinator) has some cool things going on in the Chickasha, OK office:


“We have just recently worked out an agreement with a couple of bookstores that will us to trade non-kids books for children’s books. If you have a box of mystery, non-fiction or anything else laying around and would like to see them put to good use we can do that! We can trade them for children’s books and then give them out to kids who love to read but their parents can’t afford books or in the case of a natural disaster to a kid who has lost his/her books.” (JJ)


“Do you have old CDs, VHS tapes or books laying around? Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc can trade them for children’s books. Just think instead of collecting dust those old VHS tapes can help a child develop a love for reading.”

If you can help please send your items to:                                                                             Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc, P. O. Box 1594, Chickasha, OK 73023

For any questions please email JJ at: or send him a message on our Facebook page–

Thanks so much ~Mikaela