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A Fire Destroys Childrens’ Belongings!

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We are awaiting word to see if any new toys have been donated to 10 children who lost theirs in a fire. We are aware of clothes and other items that have been donated but Heart 4 Children Ministries gives toys first. Many times after a fire those who are displaced have no place to store items that are donated to them including clothes. But we believe that the children should always get an age appropriate new toy that they can call their own, as most of the other things they receive will not be new. Then they can take it with them from place to place (shelter to hotel).

Our toy inventory is low right now so we’re praying that God will supply the toys or the funds to purchase them if these 10 children need our help. God is always faithful and we are thankful as well for the faithfulness of those who give to the Ministry to help the kiddos. ~Mikaela

Items to Donate

UPDATE ON CURRENT NEEDS 6.19.13: Our current needs are on our registry. Please click on this link to see what the children in the families that we are helping need.


We have a critical need for Butt Paste, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Bottles, Diaper Bags, Crib Sheets, Twin Size Bedding, coloring books and activities for kids and other infant care items. We are no longer accepting clothing under 2T but we do need larger kid clothing. We have a registry posted on our page, even if you don’t purchase from it list the items that we currently have a need for, if you have any questions please call (405) 474-5505. You can also mail items to Heart 4 Children Ministries, P.O. Box 1594 Chickasha, OK 73023

From Technology to Toys!


About three months ago our Director of Fundraising, JJ Francais, was looking for a way to raise some funds for new toys. He found out we could turn in old cell phones even if they were not working and receive money for them. He also found out that we could  collect not only cell phones but pagers or anything with a circuit board. We get even more if the cell phones/smart phones still work.

Then we had our Mommy Exchange on December 14, 2012 in Chickasha, OK. Not only was it a success as we helped FORTY families but many phones (all smart phones) were donated for us to exchange for money to buy new toys. Just from the donations at the Mommy Exchange alone we will receive a check for $70 to buy new toys!

If you have an old (or working) cell phone, pager or anything with a circuit board and would like to get rid of it H4CM would love to have it to buy more new toys for the children who will need them. Please send it (them) to our Chickasha, OK office: P. O. Box 1594, Chickasha, OK 73023 (The pic is of my first cell phone but of course they can be much newer than that!)

Thanks so much for keeping up with what we are doing at Heart 4 Children Ministries, Inc. ~Head Banana