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tornado 3.30.16

Northeastern Oklahoma Tornado 3.30.16. (Picture credit to Jacob Dickey/LSM)

Tornadoes struck three Oklahoma towns last night–Owasso, Claremore & Tulsa where 7 were injured–one critically. At this point we do not know if our help will be needed, but we are ready and willing if we are asked. Please join us in keeping those affected in your prayers.
Click on the link for more information…/authorities-people-injured-as-torn…

~Mikaela Hulstine & The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

Tornadoes touched down in OK today


One dead in Sand Springs tornado 3.25.15

At Least 1 Person Dead; 50 Mobile Homes Destroyed In Sand Springs Tornado (pic credit

Praise God for His timing! Mikaela had to be in Tulsa (Oklahoma) for a doctor’s appointment today and there was a good chance of severe weather. If her appointment had been an hour later…there were several tornado warnings in and around Tulsa and she’s sure she could have found one of the areas to drive through had she left later! Some people in Sand Springs, OK were not as fortunate, where 1 person died and a mobile home park has been destroyed. Please keep them in your prayers! We will let you know if we hear of any needs from either the Sand Springs area or Keystone Lake/Mannford area where another tornado touched down (we have not yet heard of any damage or injuries from this tornadic complex of storms). For more information please click on the link from the in Tulsa, Ok ~Mikaela and the Heart 4 Children Ministries Team



I WANT TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO SOME STUDENTS IN A GROUP AT OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY IN BARTLESVILLE!! They found our website and our volunteer opportunities and contacted us. Then yesterday we received confirmation via email that students from this group will be volunteering with us and asked how many we thought we’d need. It will be just wonderful to get help sorting the clothes in the NINETEEN boxes and putting them into totes as well as sorting through the other 20+ Totes to get them ready to give out! Now just need to find a date and let them know how many volunteers we would need! God is good all the time and He’s taking care of His Ministry!!

We are waiting to hear back when the students will be able to come and help us finish up our inventory and then get the clothes all sorted into totes!

We Are Busy Helping!

Heart for helping

What are we up to? We are helping in the areas listed below! Still looking for more clothes for areas we have previously helped and gathering up clothes for a place we have added! God has given us a heart for helping kids 🙂

1. Bartlesville elementary school.
2. Bartlesville day care center
3. Center in Pensacola, FL
Disasters please continue to hold off as we have plenty to do and many, many children to help already! As always thankful to those who make it possible for us to help–God, those who give so we can help and the clothing manufacturer we partner with. ~Heart 4 Children Ministries Team


This is a pic of the damage in Quapaw, OK (pic credit to newson6)

This is a pic of the damage in Quapaw, OK (pic credit to newson6)

On the anniversary of the 4.27.11 tornadoes, where hundreds died, there were deaths in 4 states–Iowa, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Arkansas was the hardest hit with 16 deaths. It was the same area that was hit 4.25.11 when the worst outbreak of tornadoes began. There was at least one death in OK–Quapaw a town of 900, as well as 1 death in Iowa and the 16 deaths in Arkansas.  As of this morning we have had no direct requests for help. We will keep you posted on any and all needs and where they are. ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team


Tulsa, OK metro area--including Bartlesville--at a moderate risk for severe weather including tornadoes (pic credit to Meteorologist Mike Grogran newson6)

Tulsa, OK metro area–including Bartlesville–at a moderate risk for severe weather including tornadoes (pic credit to Meteorologist Mike Grogran newson6)

Sharing our Facebook post:
On your mark. Get set. Get those hidey holes ready OK, I know I will. And check the batteries of those weather radios. We have a moderate risk of severe weather including tornadoes in the Tulsa metro including Bartlesville! ~Head Banana
“Severe Weather is lined up for Palm Sunday across eastern Oklahoma. A moderate risk of severe weather is in place for the Tulsa metro area as a strong cold front and dry line approach the area by afternoon. Hail, high winds, and a few tornadoes are possible. More details to come in your forecast tonight!” (Meteorologist Mike Grogan

More elementary children need winter clothes in Bartlesville

After we helped the pre k kiddos in an elementary school in Bartlesville, we learned of other needs for older children in that school. Today we gave them all we had in the winter 4T-7 for boys and girls and hope that will take care of the need. We are having a brutally cold winter this winter and have been under a wind chill advisory again–this morning the wind chill was -7! We are thankful that we had to clothes to give them 🙂 ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

We are helping a family of 5 foster children in Bartlesville!

We have been asked if we could help 5 foster children here in Bartlesville! We gave the clothes we had to the foster Mom this week and were thrilled that the coat that we had fit the girl who wears a 15/16 and she was the only one of the 5 without a coat! We are working to get clothes for the children that we did not have the right sizes for~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team