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KUDOS to our Webmaster for all his hard work keeping our website fresh and for helping me with hyperlinks and other techy stuff that I normally do not do. He makes sure we have all our updates and spends many hours behind the scenes.

clapping                                                                                                                           APPLAUSE for Katrina our Alabama Central & Southern Coordinator who with her partners in Tuscaloosa helped 179 children last year including a Christmas Toy Drive!


big thank youA big THANK YOU to our Treasurer who keeps all our books straight, mails out checks, manages our petty cash and keeps track of the money in the bank. He also does our 990 for the IRS, something I would not want to do but something that is vitally important.

thumbs up TWO THUMBS UP for Deb who works in Northern Alabama and also was instrumental in getting families helped in Jasper, AL last year.  This week she will be in Tuscaloosa helping Katrina in the warehouse there.

great job

JJ does a GREAT JOB in Chickasha, OK and  around central & western OK. He has set up recycling for clothes for cash for clothes, phones and other small electronics to buy toys, books, DVD’s, and videos for books. Please join me in thanking these current team members, they work hard so that we can help the Kiddos Smile Thanks ~Mikaela

Web Statistics

We have a Worldwide Audience!

60% of our readers hail from the USA.
We average 30 Unique Visitors per day, viewing an average of three pages each.
Most popular pages are Latest News and About Us.

Overall we have had 230 unique visitors (rather than repeat visits by the same person), excluding our Board members, since we started detailed records last month.

Encouraging news, Praise God

Facebook Stats

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 In the week 4 – 10/10/12
Our 496 Bananas have, with their friends generated 6011 unique visits to our facebook page.
In that same time we have had 5121 unique visits to our webpage spending an average of 2:23 minutes on the site each visit.
97% of our visitors came direct – that is via a Favorites link in their browser, the other 3% came via search engines.

What does all this mean?
If every one of our visitors to the web page gave just $1.00 for our ministry via PayPal, we could raise over $5000. A cup of coffee – Just $3.00 would net over $15000 for the children we serve.

Heart 4 Children Ministries has started small and chooses to grow organically, by word of mouth. Those in need helping those in greater need for mutual benefit.
In two Years we have come from Mikaela, Jim and David to a Board of 9 and a membership rapidly approaching 500, with 5000 regularly reading our posts on Facebook and the web.
Just think what would happen if those readers decided to get a little more involved in the ministry?
Could we go from being active in three States (Alabama, Oklahoma and Missouri) to being active in ALL 50 States? Could we progress from helping just a few children each week, to hundreds – even thousands of lives changed for the better?

The way to a successful organization is to start small, grow slowly and organically (By word of mouth) but dream BIG!
We dream of helping as many children as humanly possible.
With YOUR help we can do it! Give a child a cup of coffee and maybe a do-nut  Donate via PayPal right now! The link is on the right.


Latest Banana Stats

Where we all are

Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Chickasha, Oklahoma
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Joplin, Missouri
Northport, Alabama
Mannford, Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma
Los Angeles, California
Wetumpka, Alabama
Newalla, Oklahoma
Atlanta, Georgia
Cement, Oklahoma
Albertville, Alabama
Blanchard, Oklahoma
Sylacauga, Alabama

 These are the additions in the last month!