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I love this part of the story as it shows there can be good news after a disaster! Please take time to watch this video. ~Mikaela

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This post is about nurses who came from Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa, OK.…/tulsa-nurse-remembers-mission-to-h The pictures I have found tell the story of the unbelievable devastation when the levies broke in New Orleans in 2005. It’s so heartbreaking to see the devastation and hear what the nurses had to deal with when they got there. So glad that they went and gave a measure of help and hope to the people of New Orleans in this difficult time. ~Mikaela

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Hurricane Katrina Survivor’s story (10 year anniversary 8.29.15)

hurricane katrina

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August 29, 2015 is a day that many people will never forget–Hurricane Katrina a strong Category 3 slammed into Louisiana. Heart 4 Children Ministries was not only not doing disaster relief then we did not incorporate until 2010. I knew about Hurricane Katrina but was not personally involved as I was with the tornadoes that hit Alabama, Joplin and several cities in Oklahoma. However, I now have a connection to someone who was personally involved in Hurricane Katrina. The person who helped him get back in his house was a Tulsa, OK police officer. Please watch this story but grab your tissues. ~ ~Mikaela

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Without her monthly gifts we would NOT have been able to buy all the clothes that we did at Walmart and Goodwill for the Crutcho kids! We want to give a SHOUT OUT to Melissa Mead-Spelde for her gift to Heart 4 Children Ministries every month. Please join us in thanking her! FOUR Walmart bags stuffed with clothes and TWO TRASH BAGS loaded with clothes from Goodwill!! God bless you Melissa we are so blessed by your gifts and so are the children! If you would like to help the children click on this link: ~Mikaela and the Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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WOW We’re helping TWENTY FOUR Kiddos in Midwest City, OK!

Clothes 4 Crutcho Kids


Mikaela has been very busy the last few weeks and apologizes for not posting as often as she usually does.

A few weeks ago we learned that some children that we helped in the Crutcho Schools in 2013 after the flooding rain in Midwest City, OK were needing our help again. So Mikaela pulled out the inventory list to see what summer clothes we had and let our contact with the schools know what we had available. Due to the quiet year in 2015, we had not been giving out clothes so we had quite a few totes of them– many completely full.

Two weeks ago we began getting the list of names and sizes for these students and their younger siblings from our contact at the Crutcho Schools and learned that there wereTWENTY FOUR children who were in need of clothes. Pulling clothes from totes, boxes and hangars for that many children at a time is more than we have ever done and  a major undertaking for one person! (The only other time we planned to help that many children at a time was when we went to Joplin, MO after the 5.22.11 EF5 tornado to take 25 children shopping at Walmart! That time was crazy but easier because, of course, Walmart had more clothes than we did!)

Once Mikaela received the list of how many children were needing help and the sizes she knew that there would be some shopping involved as we did not have enough of all the sizes requested to outfit the kids the way we usually do. In between the beginning of when she began working on it and today she also was gone for 4 days on a mini vacation.

Clothes pulled for Crutcho & Mona

Today we were blessed to have a new volunteer helping us and got all the clothes pulled that we had. Then Mikaela went shopping to see if she could find clothes for the children who we either did not have any clothes for or very little. The pics are of clothes that had already been pulled. Later she’ll post pics of the ones she purchased.

Thankfully God not only gave Mikaela the strength to do all this and a volunteer to help her, but as He always does, He touched the hearts of you and others to give to help the children so that the clothes could be purchased. He also worked it out so that we could partner with our clothing manufacturer, Garan, INc. Without the clothes sent from Garan, Inc  it would have been hard for us to help these kids!

2T clothes

We are always happy to accept gifts for the children as we never know when we will be needed again. To donate please click here: As always we appreciate your support whether it is your prayers or your financial support. ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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TOO CUTE: 6 Year Old Brother Campaigns For His Brother!

brothers for mayor

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Since our focus is on children, I wanted to share this cute story about 2 brothers in Minnesota. Unlike our usual posts about children who have been through tornadoes, floods, fires or some other tragic circumstance, these brothers are making national news for something quite unusual. Please click on the link below and read their story. Hope that it puts a Texas-size smile on your face like it did on mine :)

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Time for some silliness with your silly Head Banana!

Small small world

So let’s have a little Disney on this rainy (well it’s rainy in Bartlesville, OK lol) Thursday. I remember this song from when I took my eldest son to Disneyland when he was 2 years old…just a few years ago! Hope it puts a smile on your face!

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This is my favorite rendition of our Star Spangled Banner. This 4th of July girl wishes you all a Happy and blessed 4th of July. America the home of the brave and the land of the free. ~Mikaela

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Coal City, IL Tornado

Pic credit to CBS news Chicago

Pic credit to CBS news Chicago

Again we are watching to see if our help will be needed in Coal City, IL after a high end EF3 ( tornado touched down there yesterday. We are following two Facebook pages to see if details are posted of needs for children. For more details go here: Thanks ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Here comes Tropical Depression Bill

Tropical Depression Bill

Tropical Depression Bill

Click on the link below for current radar for OK and TX from Tropical Depression Bill predicted to not only be unprecedented rains by also deadly. Please be praying for all those that will be in the path of the torrential rain and possible tornadoes!! I’m thankful that our God is able! ~Mikaela

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