Calling all prayer warriors!

Light a candle of hope

CALLING ON ALL OF OUR PRAYER WARRIORS: Please join us in prayer as we join Texas Hill Country. Sweet Jesus we know that You know where everyone is and You know how each family member feels who has a loved one missing, or in the hospital. Even now we ask You to comfort them and give wisdom to those who are doing search and rescue. Be with the first responders and others who are doing search and rescue as it is a draining and difficult job. Thank You for hearing us in Your precious name and for Your glory amen. BANANAS–Texas Hill Country “has started a prayer chain for ALL those affected by these floods, starting right here…. The McCombs Family. (MANY MORE ARE MISSING)

McCombs Family

Jonathan and his wife, Laura, and children, Andrew (6) and Leighton (4). They were staying at a house on the river in Wimberley and were swept away in the river flood. Jonathan was found 12 miles down river early this morning and is in ICU. Laura and the kids are missing still.
Please pray that Laura, Andrew & Leighton are found, safe and sound!!
Praying fervently for successful search, rescue, relief, and care of ALL those affected! Name them and claim them, each and every one in this post if you would like!” If you have someone you want lifted up in prayer please comment below. We will keep praying. If you want to light a candle for those that are missing and keep it burning until all are located. We will post updates as we receive them. Thanks as always for your prayer support. ~Mikaela

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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

rushing water caney 123 bridge

Water rushes down the Caney River under the bridge at HWY 123 in Bartlesville, OK

Caney River rising under the bridge

Caney River high in Bartlesville, OK just a couple of weeks ago the river was low but after days upon days of rain it continues to rise.

bridge destroyed by flood waters south of Ramona, ok 5.25.15

Flooding waters from the Caney River 25 miles south of Bartlesville, OK caused this bridge to collapse. Pic credit to Dena Able.







3500 Rd south of Bartlesville, OK closed due to bridge collapse from the flood waters. Pic credit to Dena Able.

3500 Rd south of Bartlesville, OK closed due to bridge collapse from the flood waters. Pic credit to Dena Able.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What do these pictures tell you about Northeastern Ok? The top two were taken in Bartlesville, OK where there has been minor flooding. But the Caney River can still rise as it has not crested yet. The bottom two taken just north of Ramona, OK, about 25 miles south of Bartlesville, the bridge has been washed out due to the flooding rains and the road is closed. And still more rain is in the forecast for nearly every day this week.

In Oklahoma we are usually do our best to prepare for tornadoes but flooding like we have seen like this all over the state on the other hand is quite unusual. According to Oklahoma Own “The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) says at least 15 highways have been closed across the state due to high water from flooding,” For more on this story go here: Sure hoping we don’t see another time like the Flood of ’86 here in OK. Just remember if you see flood waters, turn around don’t drown! ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Tornado touched down in Minco, OK in Grady County. (pic credited to Oklahoma's Own  newson6

Tornado touched down in Minco, OK in Grady County. (pic credited to Oklahoma’s Own

Severe weather began in Oklahoma yesterday. Tornadoes and flooding. This pic was taken of a tornado that touched down in Minco,OK in Grady County yesterday and it was not the only one. For more on this story go here:  In addition to the tornadoes, flooding rains are in the forecast through the Memorial Day weekend for areas of the state. We may be called upon again to help.  How is the weather where you  are? Staying in out of the rain. ~Head Banana

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Claremore, OK Firefighter Drowns During Water Rescue

Crews Respond To Multiple Water Rescues (this one in Purcell, OK)

Crews Respond To Multiple Water Rescues (this one in Purcell, OK) (One of many water rescues since the flooding rains began, compounded by the rains received last week the ground was saturated)

Please join us in praying for family, friends and fellow first responders as they mourn the life of a Claremore, OK firefighter who drowned during a water rescue.
Oh dear Jesus please comfort the family of the firefighter who lost his life whiledoing a water rescue. I pray that his sacrifice will not be in vein. Wrap your loving arms around his family, friends and fellow first responders now and in the coming days. In Jesus’ name and for His glory amen. ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

pizap.com14324034075181 Honoring our fallen soldiers

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Toys, Clothes & Stuff for the Broken Arrow, OK Kiddos

Toys for BA kids

Yay we still had some toys!

This morning at about 11 am the big box of clothes, toys, diapers, wipes and coloring/activity books for the Broken Arrow, OK children who were referred to us for help was picked up in Tulsa. They lost everything in last last Saturday night (5.16.15)! My favorite volunteer–my husband, Russell, took them to work and they were picked up there.

Clothes for BA kids

We had enough clothes for each child and the other items mentioned above! Without the help of God, our clothing manufacturing partner–Garan, Inc and you our donors we could not have done this. Incredibly this is the very first time we had clothes in the correct sizes for all the children referred to us! Plus we had diapers, wipes and coloring/activity books! Yay! They are still in need of a few things if you would like to donate please go to our secure PayPal link and put Broken Arrow in the memo. Thanks. ~Mikaela

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Flooding in SE Oklahoma!

UPDATE: We have heard back from the LeFlore County Emergency Management Director and they are not needing our help right now. We asked him to please let us know if that changes.

We are waiting to hear back from the LeFlore County Oklahoma Emergency Management Director, to see if the disaster relief arm of Heart 4 Children Ministries will be needed in Southeastern Oklahoma where there has been significant flooding with more flooding rains possible.  We were blessed to assist a couple of families in Heavener, OK in LeFlore County in 2013 when homes were flooded due to the flooding rains that followed the tornadic storms in OK.

Flooding rains LeFlore County 5.12.15

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Keep Up With the Disasters We Are Helping With!

H4CM profile pic

If you would like to keep up with the disasters that we are following and/or providing help for we post those on our Facebook disaster page here:

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What a difference a Facebook post makes!


Sharing a post from one of our Facebook pages

Was looking back through our posts from 2011-2014 and found this one from July 20, 2011.I had been trying to remember when we heard from the Facebook admin on the Garanimals page. Then out of the blue in March of 2012, Mikaela got a call from New York City from Garan, Inc asking her for an address to send 4 boxes to! She has met the beautiful woman, Jessie, that called her that day and they became friends. Mikaela was blessed to be able to go to NYC to meet Jessie and spend the day with her in the summer of 2013. Heart 4 Children Ministries has been so blessed to partner with Garan, Inc, especially after the tornadoes in OK in May 2013. Garan’s response to the children who lost everything in the tornadoes was extraordinary. Mikaela would like to give a SHOUT OUT to GARAN, INC for their partnership with us since 2012. Many children not only in OK have clothes and even sometimes toys if we had not been blessed to partner with this company!

Found this post from July 20, 2011

We need our Banana Bunch prayer warriors to pray for Mikaela for wisdom. She heard from one of the Facebook managers of Garanimals on a post she put there for help for clothes for the kids. Please pray for wisdom that she will answer the email in such a way that they will be happy to give clothes to the Tuscaloosa kids and possibly children that have been traumatized by other tornadoes/natural disasters!

Looking back on how God has blessed us by connecting us with Garan, Inc from just a single Facebook post on the Garanimal Facebook page is nothing short of amazing–a God thing. Becoming friends with Jessie and being able to meet her and spend the day with her–priceless. ~Mikaela

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Bridge creek ok damage

Bridge Creek, OK tornado damage 5.6.15 (pic courtesy of on Twitter).

Hey All we are already getting needs from the Bridge Creek, OK tornado. We have just learned of a family of 6 and will let you know of any other needs as they come in. As always the first thing that we want to give the kiddos is a NEW toy. For the older kids it may be something like a CD player or something like that as they have lost all that they had. If you would like to help please go to our donate page In the memo line on PayPal put GIFT.Thanks in advance for helping us help the kids!

SE OKC Lacie Lowery

Tornado damage in SE Oklahoma City, OK

Bottom two pics: Tornado damage in SE Oklahoma City, OK (pic courtesy of Lacie Lowery

There was also a Flash Flood Emergency issued last night in the OKC Metro as up to 6 inches of rain had fallen. Watched Weather Channel, Channel 6 in Tulsa. and Channel 9 in OKC live feed on my computer last night praying. Please pray for Central OK, TX, KS and NE as all these states had tornadoes last night and the damage is still being assessed. In addition (as I noted earlier), Central OK had severe flooding.  There was one death when a woman in SE OKC drowned in her storm shelter waiting out the tornado. ( For more details go here:

With more severe weather in the forecast through Mother’s Day for parts of Oklahoma we ask that you keep Oklahomans–especially the children–and other areas under the gun for severe weather in your prayers.  We will keep you updated as we hear about more needs here in Oklahoma and in the other states that were hit last night. Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks as always for your support through prayer and your monetary gifts we are blessed by all of you. ~Mikaela Hulstine President & Executive Director of Heart 4 Children Ministries

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