I WANT TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO SOME STUDENTS IN A GROUP AT OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY IN BARTLESVILLE!! They found our website and our volunteer opportunities and contacted us. Then yesterday we received confirmation via email that students from this group will be volunteering with us and asked how many we thought we’d need. It will be just wonderful to get help sorting the clothes in the NINETEEN boxes and putting them into totes as well as sorting through the other 20+ Totes to get them ready to give out! Now just need to find a date and let them know how many volunteers we would need! God is good all the time and He’s taking care of His Ministry!!

We are waiting to hear back when the students will be able to come and help us finish up our inventory and then get the clothes all sorted into totes!

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The counting game


1 shirt. 2 shirts. 3 shirts 4 shirts. 5 shirts. 6 shirts. 7 shirts. 8 shirts. 9 shirts. (Hear the Count’s laugh!) Enjoy this song from Sesame Street’s Count…

  • New clothes–all boxes and all girls clothes counted.
  • Lots and lots of girls clothes
  • Working on filling the TENTH girls’ tote!
  • Will be starting back at it next week! So far have counted the contents of 16 boxes and 14 totes. We have a lot of clothes!
  • NEXT WEEK: New toys and gently used clothes.
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Totes, boxes and counting oh my!

Yikes the leaning tower of boxes!

Yikes the leaning tower of boxes!

What’s that you say? That inventory is the most wonderful time of the year? Hmmm…

Day 1 is over. The office will be closed until inventory is completed and so will the dining room. The office was way too crowded to do inventory with 25 boxes and nearly 30 totes, so the dining room was invaded by nearly all of the boxes and some of the totes! Sign for the dining room ATTENTION FAMILY: No food will be served or eaten in this room during inventory hours-days–as the table is kinda busy. Also you may want to ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK and beware of falling boxes and totes as they are stacked very high. The guard cat is watching to make sure no one bothers the clothes and toys that are still in the office while inventory is happening in other areas (you know what that means, right?!). Meanwhile the dog is barking at the cat for “guarding” the clothes and toys that are still in there. 


Yikes isn’t that the dining room?! Where’s the table?

Even though the pics may argue otherwise progress has been made! (the pics are of the dining room, no need to take pics of a closed office!) Tomorrow is day 2 of inventory be still my heart.  Has anyone seen my chocolate?

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Giving away shoes on the Alabama trip

Giving away shoes on the Alabama trip

Ever feel like you need to go back to your roots and examine where you came from? From time to time I feel the need to do that with Heart 4 Children Ministries. Just thinking back on our beginnings and all the changes that took place in 2014 brought the song Memories to my mind from the 1970’s movie The Way We Were starring Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford.

Starting out 2014 Heart 4 Children Ministries had seven Board members spread out over the United States and into England. But by May 2014 we were down to just James Snell, Meghan Merrill and myself, Mikaela Hulstine. We saw our Chickasha, OK office close and our Northport, AL office close as well due to health issues with both Katrina Brannon and JJ Francais. This was sad news but I had to remind myself that God is in control and it is after all His Ministry.

So a few days ago I began reminiscing and thinking back to our beginnings and when we added disaster relief to our mission. Heart 4 Children Ministries was incorporated on 5.28.10, but we did not add disaster relief to our mission until after the tornadoes that devastated several states on 4.27.11. The above pic was only the second time we had helped children out with a disaster–this was after the tornadoes that devastated several states including Alabama 4.27.11. My husband, Russell and I drove the Dodge Dakota pulling a U-Haul of donations for kids in AL. The profile pic is in Snow Hinton Park, Tuscaloosa, AL, on 7.30.11 where we were blessed to be able to give 105 children either a shoe box, backpack or duffel bag filled with a pair of flip flops, a package of underwear, a package of socks and combs for the boys and brushes for the girls. We also took a case of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books, and other kid-related stuff. After we had given out all 105 “care packages” we were still helping as we had extra flip flops, books and toys to give away, we sure didn’t want to take any donations home! As it was only our second time to help (the first was in Chickasha, OK) we were overwhelmed by the thankfulness of the parents and the children alike. We would not have been able to do this had God not led us to Tuscaloosa and had not Tracy Gorveatte (wife of Pastor Joel Gorveatte, First Wesleyan Church–Tuscaloosa) not helped us and connected us with Pam Rogers (wife of Pastor Greg Rogers, Life Church–Tuscaloosa–who was in charge of Back Pack Coalition Event. I am thankful: Our beginnings. God’s leading. All those who have helped along the way. As well as where God is leading us today.

Here’s the link for those who have the memories of the song from the movie and for those who never heard the song before. ~Mikaela Hulstine President & Executive Director of Heart 4 Children Ministries

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Catch the kindness bug

kindness 3

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It’s Another New Year. What Are You Going To Do With It?

We say things like: “I’ll get that done tomorrow” “Let me put that on my calendar for next week” “Can we do that next Month?” But tomorrow is gone, next week passed and next month slips on by…and now it’s another new year.

I am not one that makes any serious personal New Year’s resolutions because I’m pretty sure I won’t keep I them but I would like to make some goals for this year with God’s leading for Heart 4 Children Ministries. I’m still working on my personal goals also and want them to be realistic and not frivolous.

What are you going to do with 2015? Have you made resolutions? Goals? Plans? Is there a bad habit that you want to break or a good habit that you want to start? I pray that 2015 will be a year of change–good change–as well as joy and thanksgiving for you. Happy New Year! ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Wishing You A Blessed New Year!

Happy New Year 2015

May 2015 hold blessings for you and may you bless others as you going about living your life. :) ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Wishing You a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas from all of us at Heart 4 Children Ministries!Isaiah 9-6

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Favorite Christmas Memories!

Christmas Memories

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. A time when families get together and create lasting memories. As we celebrate the birth of the Savior it’s inevitable that we will be making memories. I’m going to share one of my favorite Christmas memories and ask you to do the same by going to our Facebook page and sharing yours. (The link to our page will be at the bottom of this post.)

When my oldest son was 2 and 1/2–he’s now married with 2 children of his own–we went a few days before Christmas to spend time with my husbands parents. Unlike at home, the presents were around the tree before Christmas morning, so my young son thought that Christmas had come!

The noise my son was making unwrapping the presents woke up his Gramma. By the time she got there he had almost every present unwrapped! She got him back to bed and proceeded to rewrap all the presents.

The next morning when we got up we all had a good laugh and then explained to our son that it wasn’t Christmas just because the gifts were around the tree and that we would make sure he didn’t miss Christmas! What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Share them here:      

Merry Christmas from the Heart 4 Children Ministries Team!

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What are your family’s Christmas traditions?

Christmas traditions from our house to yours

Whether you live at home or have a family of your own, most all families have at least one Christmas tradition. With my husband, Russell, working in radio and then TV he has had to work a lot of Christmas Eve’s and Christmases so we had to vary the time of our traditions from year to year depending on whether he was working Christmas Eve Evening, Christmas morning or both. I know that there are other families who also have had varied schedules. Those who work in the healthcare such as nurses and  doctors as well as those who work in retail.

For our traditions: We go to our Christmas Eve service and then after the service we have nachos and my special Christmas punch. We open one gift on Christmas Eve or all of them if one of the family members is scheduled to work on Christmas Day. Before opening the rest of the gifts, we read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20. Ok now it’s your turn! Feel free to post your traditions on our Facebook page:

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