Pray for Nepal!

pray for nepal

We are thankful that in the United States it is rather quiet when it comes to disasters. However we are praying for those in Napal affected by the massive earthquake, especially those who lost loved ones. Will you join us please? ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Helping it’s what we do!

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Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing 20 years later


October 19, 1995


20 year anniversary of  ok c bombing

After the OKC Bombing October 1995

OKC bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial 2015

Remembering and praying for all who were personally touched by the Oklahoma City Bombing 20 years ago today. Will you join me?

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More Comic Relief From Your Head Banana!


After all the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” is so true. Hope you enjoy theses silly tunes! ¬†Muppet’s Songs ¬†

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Midland Weather Radio

SHOUT OUT to Tulsa’s Williams Company–Tulsa Company Donates Weather Radios To Every Public School In Oklahoma! WAY TO GO!! Story from

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Would you help us get toys for the children who lost theirs?

Even though we are low on our toy inventory we will NOT let that stop us from helping the children in Sand Springs, OK who lost everything in the EF2 tornado this past Wednesday! We are accepting donations, though, via our PayPal if you would like to help out so when the requests start coming in we can say YES WE CAN! My heart breaks for these kids and their families. Just click on this link to donate.

Thanks for your support. ~The Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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Tornadoes touched down in OK today


One dead in Sand Springs tornado 3.25.15

At Least 1 Person Dead; 50 Mobile Homes Destroyed In Sand Springs Tornado (pic credit

Praise God for His timing! Mikaela had to be in Tulsa (Oklahoma) for a doctor’s appointment today and there was a good chance of severe weather. If her appointment had been an hour later…there were several tornado warnings in and around Tulsa and she’s sure she could have found one of the areas to drive through had she left later! Some people in Sand Springs, OK were not as fortunate, where 1 person died and a mobile home park has been destroyed. Please keep them in your prayers! We will let you know if we hear of any needs from either the Sand Springs area or Keystone Lake/Mannford area where another tornado touched down (we have not yet heard of any damage or injuries from this tornadic complex of storms). For more information please click on the link from the in Tulsa, Ok ~Mikaela and the Heart 4 Children Ministries Team

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A Fire Destroys Childrens’ Belongings!

Pic courtesy of

Pic courtesy of

We are awaiting word to see if any new toys have been donated to 10 children who lost theirs in a fire. We are aware of clothes and other items that have been donated but Heart 4 Children Ministries gives toys first. Many times after a fire those who are displaced have no place to store items that are donated to them including clothes. But we believe that the children should always get an age appropriate new toy that they can call their own, as most of the other things they receive will not be new. Then they can take it with them from place to place (shelter to hotel).

Our toy inventory is low right now so we’re praying that God will supply the toys or the funds to purchase them if these 10 children need our help. God is always faithful and we are thankful as well for the faithfulness of those who give to the Ministry to help the kiddos. ~Mikaela

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Helping 3 boys in Oklahoma!

clothes for hunter cameron and noah

Even though there are currently no disasters (it’s Spring so that’s awesome!) we still get requests to help kiddos. About a week ago we got a request to help three boys who are in need of clothes. We are blessed to have an abundance of clothes that we’ve received from our clothing manufacturer partner, but we don’t have every size. We were able to find clothes for the two younger boys but not much for the oldest one who is 11. Happily we also have gently used clothes and we were able to find a few things for the oldest one in those totes. It always feels good to know we can help whether it’s because of our clothing partner or our faithful donors. We are thankful for both as it’s all because of Jesus!~Heart 4 Children’s Ministries Team

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